Internal audits

Internal audits

Are your internal auditors ...

- embarrassing your people who do the "real work"? ;
- serving as distractions for your management from their important responsibilities ? ; 
- bent on tearing apart your process ? ; &
- piercing the wounded after the battle is over ?

Then you can look to us for customized and value driven solutions for your risk and assurance function, while covering one or a combination of the following:

We can supporting your internal audit function in the following:

  • Development of the internal audit strategy;
  • Preparation of a risk driven charter;
  • Preparation of test scripts;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of internal audits;
  • Assessment of capabilities of your internal audit function;
  • Provision of support for your audit committee presentations;
  • Assessing your internal audit observations for their risks & impact;
  • Undertaking root cause assessments to ascertain the precise deficiencies, while providing practical suggestions for improvements; &
  • Provision to the management and audit committees with assurance over specific areas of concern.

We also engage in various forms  of sourcing,

  • Co-sourcing (including stock audits, verification of fixed assets & inventory); &
  • Complete outsourcing.

Our approach to desktop risk assessment
This is used to develop or validate a risk driven internal audit charter